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Sep 4

John Vanbiesbrouck : 4-Sep-63
Date To Flyers Other Team From Flyers
4-Sep-791981 4th Rounder (Dave Michayluk)Detroit Red WingsDennis Sobchuk
Date Acquisition
14-Sep-67Gary Dornhoefer signed
14-Sep-67Forbes Kennedy signed
14-Sep-67Jim Johnson signed
14-Sep-67Keith Wright signed
14-Sep-73Danny Schock demoted ("SOLD" outright to Richmond)
24-Sep-75Mike Clarke demoted
24-Sep-75Randy Osburn demoted
4-Sep-79Blake Wesley signed
4-Sep-79Lindsay Carson signed
4-Sep-79Don Gillen signed
4-Sep-79Gordie Williams signed
4-Sep-79Bernie Parent signed (Goaltending coach)
4-Sep-79Fred Williams signed as a free agent
24-Sep-79Yves Guillemette demoted
24-Sep-79Gordy Garbutt demoted
24-Sep-79Sam St. Laurent demoted
24-Sep-79Fred Williams demoted
24-Sep-79Dave Faulkkner demoted
24-Sep-79Darre Switzer demoted
24-Sep-79Terry McDougall demoted
24-Sep-79Guy Delparte demoted
24-Sep-79Randy Ruff demoted
24-Sep-82Andy Brickley demoted
24-Sep-89Marc D'Amour demoted
24-Sep-89Mike Stothers demoted
24-Sep-89Darren Rumble demoted
24-Sep-89Paul Marshall demoted
24-Sep-89Gord Paddock demoted
24-Sep-89Shawn Sabol demoted
24-Sep-89Scott Sandelin demoted
24-Sep-89Reid Simpson demoted
24-Sep-89Tony Horacek demoted
24-Sep-89Steve Fletcher demoted
24-Sep-89Glen Seabrooke demoted
24-Sep-89Mark Bassen demoted
24-Sep-89Kent Hawley demoted
24-Sep-89Rocky Trottier demoted
24-Sep-89Don Nachbaur demoted
24-Sep-89Don Biggs demoted
24-Sep-89Ross Fitzpatrick demoted
24-Sep-89Bruce Rendall demoted
4-Sep-90Mike Ricci signed
14-Sep-90Ron Hextall signed (multi-year)
14-Sep-90Rich Tocchet signed (multi-year)
24-Sep-91Brian Dobbin demoted (loaden to New Haven AHL)
24-Sep-91Bruce Hoffort demoted (loaned to San Diego IHL)
24-Sep-91Claude Boivin demoted
24-Sep-91Pat Murray demoted
24-Sep-91Marc D'Amour demoted
24-Sep-91Yanick Degrace demoted
24-Sep-91Ray Letourneau demoted
24-Sep-91Eric Dandenault demoted
24-Sep-91Toni Porkka demoted
24-Sep-91Bill Armstrong demoted
24-Sep-91Steve Beadle demoted
24-Sep-91Dave Fenyves demoted
24-Sep-91Mike Stothers demoted
24-Sep-91Steve Morrow demoted
24-Sep-91Darren Rumble demoted
24-Sep-91Mark Freer demoted
24-Sep-91Al Conroy demoted
24-Sep-91Len Barrie demoted
24-Sep-91Chris Jensen demoted
24-Sep-91Tim Tookey demoted
24-Sep-91Rod Dallman demoted
24-Sep-91Reid Simpson demoted
24-Sep-91Bill Armstrong demoted
4-Sep-97Chris Joseph signed (1 yr)
14-Sep-99Bujar Amidovski demoted
14-Sep-99Neil Little demoted
14-Sep-99Jean-Marc Pelletier demoted
14-Sep-99Ryan Bast demoted
14-Sep-99Mikhail Chernov demoted
14-Sep-99Andy Delmore demoted
14-Sep-99Francis Lessard demoted
14-Sep-99Sergei Skrobot demoted
14-Sep-99Jeff Tory demoted
14-Sep-99Kam White demoted
14-Sep-99Chris Albert demoted
14-Sep-99Francis Belanger demoted
14-Sep-99Jesse Boulerice demoted
14-Sep-99Martin Cerven demoted
14-Sep-99Tomas Divisek demoted
14-Sep-99Todd Fedoruk demoted
14-Sep-99Ruslan Fedotenko demoted
14-Sep-99Paul Healey demoted
14-Sep-99Mark Greig demoted
14-Sep-99Steve McLaren demoted
14-Sep-99Jim Montgomery demoted
14-Sep-99Sean O'Brien demoted
14-Sep-99Peter White demoted
14-Sep-99Jason Zent demoted
4-Sep-01Jan Hlavac signed (2 yr)
14-Sep-06Keith Primeau retired
14-Sep-07Adam Bourque-LeBlanc released
14-Sep-07Tysen Dowzak released
14-Sep-07Maxime Ouimet-Desjardins released
14-Sep-07Patrick Lebeau released
24-Sep-08Zac Rinaldo sent back to juniors
24-Sep-08Marc-Andre Bourdon sent back to juniors
24-Sep-08Jacob DeSerres sent back to juniors
24-Sep-09Johan Backlund demoted
14-Sep-11Blake Kessel signed (Entry-level contract)
24-Sep-11Jason Akeson demoted
24-Sep-11Tyler Brown demoted
24-Sep-11Shane Harper demoted
24-Sep-11Ben Holmstrom demoted
24-Sep-11Tye McGinn demoted
24-Sep-11Luke Pither demoted
24-Sep-11Mike Testwuide demoted
24-Sep-11Eric Wellwood demoted
24-Sep-11Marc-Andre Bourdon demoted
24-Sep-11Tyler Hostetter demoted
24-Sep-11Blake Kessel demoted
24-Sep-11Oliver Lauridsen demoted
24-Sep-11Kevin Marshall demoted
24-Sep-11Brad Phillips demoted
24-Sep-11Cullen Eddy demoted
24-Sep-11Garrett Klotz demoted
24-Sep-11Garrett Roe demoted
24-Sep-11Jason Bacashihua put on waivers
24-Sep-11Johan Backlund put on waivers
24-Sep-11Stefan Legein put on waivers
24-Sep-11Jon Kalinski put on waivers
24-Sep-11Dan Jancevski put on waivers
24-Sep-14Nicholas Aube-Kubel sent back to juniors
24-Sep-14Radel Fazleev sent back to juniors
24-Sep-14Travis Sanheim sent back to juniors
24-Sep-14Brandon Alderson demoted
24-Sep-14Mark Alt demoted
24-Sep-14Nick Cousins demoted
24-Sep-14Steven Delisle demoted
24-Sep-14Brett Flemming demoted
24-Sep-14Austin Fyten demoted
24-Sep-14Kevin Goumas demoted
24-Sep-14Robert Hagg demoted
24-Sep-14Matt Hatch demoted
24-Sep-14Brett Hextall demoted
24-Sep-14Andrew Johnston demoted
24-Sep-14Connor Knapp demoted
24-Sep-14Maxim Lamarche demoted
24-Sep-14Derek Mathers demoted
24-Sep-14Marcel Noebels demoted
24-Sep-14Martin Ouellette demoted
24-Sep-14Jesper Pettersson demoted
24-Sep-14Anthony Stolarz demoted
24-Sep-14Petr Straka demoted

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