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Hall Of Fame Profile

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Ed Van Impe

Induction into Flyer Hall Of Fame - Apr. 1993

Ed Van Impe's 63-64 Topps Rookie Card

Ed Van Impe's determination and grit defined how a Philadelphia Flyer should play. From the first days in Flyers history until their Stanley Cup championships had been won, Ed was a steadying influence on the blueline.
Van Impe in his first year as a Flyer
He grew up idolizing Doug Harvey. He played his junior hockey in Saskatoon and played in Chicago's farm system- Calgary for a year, and Buffalo for 5. In 66-67 he finally got his shot playing for Chicago and ended up being runner up to Bobby Orr in voting for the Calder (rookie of the year).
When it came time for the 67-68 expansion draft, the Flyers made Van Impe their first non-goalie selection. He held out of training camp for a while, but after coming to terms with his situation he started taking a leadership role on the team. That first year was difficult. First he suffered a bad facial injury on December 28th vs the Red Wings. After quickly coming back from that their home rink, The Spectrum, had its' roof damaged. They had to play the last two months on the road (playing their home games in New York, Toronto and Quebec City). It was mainly Van Impe that held the team together and they managed to hold on to first place. With his steady play he was voted on by sports writers to the Western Conferences' all star team.
Van Impe - 2nd ever Flyers Captain
Steady Eddie
He continued his mentoring of younger players. He had a master of the body check. No player could get by Ed without getting hit with his hip or shoulder. And goalies usually had a clear view thanks to Ed removing any stray opponents by his view. He was also unafraid to block shots - one in 1967 required 16 stitches, another in 1968 knocked out 6 teeth and required 35 stitches.
The ultimate team player Ed gave up his captaincy without loss to ego or pride in 1972 to Bobby Clarke. With Ed's strength and character at the blue line, the Flyers won back to back championships. Then came the incident he will be forever known for. It was January 11th, 1976. The Stanley Cup champions Philadelphia Flyers were to faceoff against the Soviet Red Army (made almost entirely of the Soviet's world champion team). At 11:21 of the first period Van Impe hit Kharlamov from behind with an elbow. At this point the Red Army was being completely outhit and outplayed. The Red Army coach led his players off the ice, only to return after being threatened with non-payment. 17 seconds after the game resumed the Flyers scored and won the game 4-1. Less than two months after the Russian game the Flyers traded Van Impe to the Penguins for goaltender Gary Inness. Ed was injured during the following season's training camp and retired from hockey.
Russians Leave the Ice after Ed's hit

Van Impe checking Hall Of Famer Dave Keon

Regular Season
GP G A Pts PIM +/- PP SH GW GT Sht Sh%
1967-68 6741317 141-54 0101293.1
1968-69 6871219 112-131 0001185.93
1969-70 6501010 117-10 000810
1970-71 7701111 80-130 000700
1971-72 734913 78-80 0021103.64
1972-73 7211112 76220 000661.52
1973-74 7721618 119310 011762.63
1974-75 7811718 109390 000571.75
1975-76 40088 60160 000150
TOTAL 61719107126 892685 0237222.63

GP G A Pts PIM +/- PP SH GW OT Sht Sh%
1968P 7044 110 000
1969P 1000 170 000
1971P 4011 80 000
1973P 11000 160 000
1974P 17123 410 000
1975P 17044 280 000
TOTAL 5711112 12100 0000

Seasons In All Star Game

Season 1968-69 1973-74 1974-75

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