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Hall Of Fame Profile

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Joe Scott

Induction into Flyer Hall Of Fame - Apr. 1993

Joe Scott: in 1967 and 1998

Without Joe Scott, the Philadelphia Flyers may not even exist. The original owners of the Flyers, Bill Putnam and Ed Snider had to scrounge around for the required $2,000,000 expansion fee. Most banks didn't think hockey would sell in Philadelphia. Things got so desperate that the Flyers offered the Rangers their first two expansion draft choices for $500,000. Putnam and Snider were able to borrow $500,000 in time for the expansion draft but shortly thereafter the bank wanted their money back. Snider knew Joe Scott, who had built the largest beer distributor in the world, from his dealings with the Washington Redskins, which Snider was helping run. Scott was previously a minor league baseball player (he did have a tryout with the Phillies in 1928) and at 58 had just retired from the beer business. He bought into the Flyers, grabbing a 15% share (Putnam has 25% and Snider had 65%). His experience with business in Philadelphia helped the team of owners get help from a bank and he was instrumental with season ticket sales for the fledgling franchise. He acted for many years as President of the Flyers and was eventually bought out of his share of the team by Ed Snider.
Joe Scott's legacy to Philadelphia doesn't just stop with the Flyers. He has always been active in bringing in amateur athletics to the area and has been involved in many charities, most involving children. He was rewarded for his work with children as far back as 1960 with the Walt Disney Pop Warner award. The Flyers rewarded him with his devotion to the team with induction to the Flyers Hall Of Fame in April , 1993. Joe Scott passed away of natural causes causes at St. Joseph's Manor in Meadowbrook on June 23, 2002.

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