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Ed Snider

Induction into Flyer Hall Of Fame - March 1989

Induction into Hockey Hall Of Fame - Sept. 1988

Ed Snider: In 1967 and 1999

In the modern era of sports the relationship between the fan and owner is usually adversarial. But it's different with Flyer fans. They know above all Ed Snider is a fan himself. Fans see his passion for winning and for his team.

Born Jan. 6, 1933, in Washington, D.C., Ed went to the University of Maryland earning a certified public accountant degree. Mr.Snider came to Philadelphia as vice-president of the NFL Eagles. The birth of the Flyers can be traced back to the time when he was invite too see the NBA champions Boston Celtics play. While heading out of the game he saw fans lineup up for tickets. He had learned that the lineup was too see the last place Boston Bruins play. At the same time the champion Celtics were playing to a half empty arena. This image stuck in Ed's mind. When the NHL announced they would be taking applications for expansion, Mr.Snider starting work on a bid for a franchise for Philadelphia.

Ed started in the record industry, but needed help gathering the required $2,000,000 expansion fee. He partnered with Bill Putnam and later Joe Scott. After putting much on the line, they finally gathered the required cash together and they were awarded an expansion franchise. Snider's first duties were overseeing the construction of their new team's first home, the Spectrum, while Putnam oversaw the team's day to day operations. Putnam grew tired over the team and Snider bought out his share, taking control of the team and arena in June of 1970.

Ed consoles Bernie Parent
after being traded to the Leafs
Ed's passion of the team grew from the team's early days. Often he would be the only person to greet the team at the airport at the early hours of the morning. One story has Ed taking a Maine vacation. With no phone, radio or TV available, Snider couldn't bear not knowing how his team was playing so he drove non-stop so he could catch the end of one home game. Snider is also responsible for what would become of the Flyers image. After being pushed around and eliminated for the second straight year by the St.Louis Blues in 1969, Snider vowed the Flyers would never be pushed around again. It wouldn't take long for those words to become true. Snider's passion and devotion finally paid off in 1974 and 75 as the Flyers became the first expansion team to win the Stanley Cup.
Ed Snider has been a visionary in hockey circles. He has been heavily involved in most bargaining agreements with the Players' Association for the past 20 years. He was also heavily involved with the NHL's merger with the WHA. Ed has tried years earlier for a merger - something that would have saved NHL teams millions of dollars if they had only listened. Ed still works on the NHL's Executive Committee.

In 1988 Ed started working on getting a new home for the Flyers. Finally in 1996 the Flyers moved to the state of the Corestate Center (now First Union Center). Realizing the extra capital required to operate an arena and NHL team, Ed developed a partnership with Comcast on March 19, 1996, who provided the NBA Philadelphia 76ers. The entire deal was estimated to be worth $500 million to $600 million (not too bad for the $2 million investment !) Ed maintained 34% ownership of the team and still runs the day to day operations for the Flyers.

Mr.Snider's other enterprises have included:
- PRISM cable television network
- Spectacor Management Group, the world's largest manager of public assembly facilities
- Spectacor Films, producers of TV movies
- Ticketmaster of the Delaware Valley
- HTN Associates (the country's largest provider of sports' broadcasting satellite transmissions)
- WIP radio (the USA's first all sports radio station)
- Comcast SportsNet
- Network International
- SpectAthlete

Ed Snider has also given much to charity including :
- creating Hockey Central in 1976 (an organization whose sole purpose was to promote and develop youth hockey in the Delaware Valley)
- receiving the 1989 PAL Award and the Irvin Feld Humanitarian Award presented by the National Conference of Christians and Jews.
- founding the Ayn Rand Institute
- trustee for the Institute of Objectivist Studies.

Mr.Snider has earned much recognition for his efforts including the Lester Patrick award in 1980 and induction into Hockey's, the Flyer's and Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fames.

Ed celebrates '74 Cup victory with
Kate Smith and Bobby Clarke

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