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December 22nd, 1979 - Flyers Set Unbeaten Streak Record

Flyer record : goalie's dream

 BOSTON (CP) - Philadelphia Flyers set a National Hockey League record Saturday afternoon when they extended their unbeaten streak to 29 games and the staisfaction beaming from the face of Phil Myre said it all.
 :This was a once in a lifetime shot and we wanted it, no doubt about it", Myre said after the Flyers rolled to a 5-2 victory over the Boston Bruins.
 Myre, 31, a native of Ste. Anne de Bellevue Quebec has split the Flyers' goaltending duties this season with rookie Pete Peeters, 22. The tandem has been given much credit for the Flyers' unbeaten streak.
 Always considered a competent major league goaltender, Myre however had received few accolades during his 11 year career, which changed course last June when he came to Philadelphia from St.Louis. He'd spent the better part of two seasons with the Blues and the previous five as an Atlanta Flame.
 "I felt it was important because I've played 11 years in the league and never have had any big accomplishments - never part of any big accomplishments", said Myre. "I really wanted this game. It's awfully nice".
 Bobby Clarke, whose unassisted goal early in the game against the Bruins put the Flyers in front to stay, said that last Thursday's 1-1 tie against Pittsburgh, which enabled Philadelphia to tie the record of 28 games without a loss by the 1977-78 Montreal Canadiens, was a more difficult game than the record breaker.

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Phil Myre happily talks with reporters
about his part in the record setting game


Flyers 5 - Bruins 2

First Period

1. Philadelphia - Clarke 6 5:58
2. Philadelphia - Barber 17 (MacLeish, Wilson) 8:51
Hill Pha 1:42, Wensink Bos minor, major, match, Holmgen Pha major, match, Bridgman Pha major, Bourque Bos major 7:18, Lalonde Bos 8:39, Linseman Pha 12:43

Second Period

3. Philadelphia - Linseman 10 (Watson, Bridgman) 0:56
4. Boston - Songin 1 (Miller, Smith) 3:03
5. Boston - Milbury 3 (O'Reilly, Foster) 4:10
6. Philadelphia - Watson 2 (Busniuk) 4:40
Propp Pha 6:50

Third Period

7. Philadelphia - Kelly 5 (Busniuk) 10:21
Gilbert Bos (served by Secord) 0:37, Clarke Pha 3:13, MacLeish Pha 18:05, Wilson Pha, Jonathan Bos 18:19

Shots On Goal

Goaltenders-Boston,Gilbert ; Philadelphia, Myre
Attendance - 14,673

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