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All Seasons - Columbus Blue Jackets

Date Road Team Home Team Results
29-Nov-00Flyers4@Columbus Blue Jackets3Wboxscore
6-Oct-01Columbus Blue Jackets3@Flyers3Tboxscore
8-Oct-01Flyers2@Columbus Blue Jackets2Tboxscore
1-Apr-03Columbus Blue Jackets0@Flyers4Wboxscore
10-Dec-03Flyers1@Columbus Blue Jackets1Tboxscore
13-Dec-05Flyers3@Columbus Blue Jackets1Wboxscore
24-Nov-06Columbus Blue Jackets2@Flyers3Wboxscore
27-Dec-08Flyers0@Columbus Blue Jackets3Lboxscore
19-Jan-10Columbus Blue Jackets3@Flyers5Wboxscore
25-Oct-10Flyers1@Columbus Blue Jackets2Lboxscore
5-Nov-11Columbus Blue Jackets2@Flyers9Wboxscore
19-Dec-13Columbus Blue Jackets4@Flyers5Wboxscore
21-Dec-13Flyers3@Columbus Blue Jackets6Lboxscore
23-Jan-14Flyers2@Columbus Blue Jackets5Lboxscore
3-Apr-14Columbus Blue Jackets2@Flyers0Lboxscore
14-Nov-14Columbus Blue Jackets@Flyers7:00
22-Nov-14Columbus Blue Jackets@Flyers7:00
9-Dec-14Flyers@Columbus Blue Jackets7:00
13-Feb-15Flyers@Columbus Blue Jackets7:00
17-Feb-15Columbus Blue Jackets@Flyers7:00

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